Educating Dancers in Grace and Expression


Welcome to the Dancers Edge

Dancers Edge is a faith-driven dance school with a mission to transform lives through the power of dance. Dancers Edge is a warm, loving environment, where the focus is on telling our story through dance, living out the principles of faith through relationships and developing a place of trust and security.

The dancer’s E.d.g.e. was founded on the philosophy that a dance school should provide a nurturing environment that helps its students to develop as a person as well as a dancer. The four priorities of our school, after which we were named, are Education, Dance, Grace, and Expression.

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Education is the first and most important priority of The dancer’s E.d.g.e. We are school, not just a studio, and we pride ourselves in providing a top quality education for our students. We teach our students the technical aspects of dance with a mix of genres and techniques, but also lessons about joy and expression that can be used in every walk of life.


Whether just for for fun or for students wishing for professional training, The dancer’s E.d.g.e. offers a place where everyone can grow. We focus on strong ballet foundations and vocabulary to help students gain the knowledge needed so that they can expand out in all directions, whether tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, or hip-hop.


Grace is not just a way of movement– grace is a way of life. It is our sincere wish at the dancer’s E.d.g.e. that every student here learns to live with grace, to practice it and accept it from others, to be gracious with and grateful of the many talents, gifts, and joys that live within each of us.


Dance can be such a wonderful outlet and a way for students to discover new ways of moving, feeling, and being. By meeting kids where they are, at their own emotional level, and creating pieces that address subject matter and themes important to them, we hope to help children discover how to discover their own feelings and express themselves using a positive outlet for that expression. We hope to provide a joyful, unique experience for each student by approaching them on a personal level.